A synteny map of the horse genome comprised of 240 microsatellite and RAPD markers
The porcine hormone-sensitive lipase gene: sequence, structure, polymorphisms and linkage mapping
Temporal changes in genetic variation of North European cattle breeds
Application of AFLP markers to genome mapping in poultry
Genetic diversity in Swiss goat breeds based on microsatellite analysis
High-resolution gametic map of the sheep callipyge region: linkage heterogeneity among rams detected by sperm typing
Evolutionary applications of MIRs and SINEs
Molecular structure of canine LINE-1 elements in canine transmissible venereal tumor
Bi-PASA genotyping of a new polymorphism in the APOB gene shows no evidence for an association with fatness in pigs
Mapping of the Na+, K+-ATPase subunit α 2 (ATP1A2) and muscle phosphofructokinase (PFKM) genes in pig by somatic cell hybrid analysis
Mapping four genes from human chromosome 4 to porcine chromosome 8 further develops the comparative map for an economically important chromosome of the swine genome
Seven new linkage groups assigned to the DogMap reference families
Characterisation of an MspI transversion polymorphism in exon 8 of the porcine secretory carrier membrane protein 1 (SCAMP1) gene
A W-chromosome linked marker for gender identification in the zebra finch
A PCR-RSP Csp6I site in the canine DLA-DQA1 gene
Syntenic assignment of CD3G to bovine chromosome 15
Genetic polymorphisms of equine microsatellite loci: TKY16, TKY19 and TKY21
Twelve equine dinucleotide repeats at microsatellite loci UCDEQ304, UCDEQ380, UCDEQ387, UCDEQ411, UCDEQ439, UCDEQ440, UCDEQ455, UCDEQ457, UCDEQ464, UCDEQ465, UCDEQ482 and UCDEQ497
Five equine dinucleotide microsatellite loci HTG17, HTG20, HTG21, HTG28 and HTG31
Two-allelic DGGE polymorphism detected in the promoter region of the bovine GHR gene
Equine dinucleotide repeat loci LEX064 through LEX070
A highly polymorphic GT-repeat in the bovine STAT5B encoding gene on BTA19
Detection of an SSCP in the 3′ untranslated region of the bovine ETV4 gene
Mapping of the LEP (OB) gene to a chicken microchromosome
Genetic mapping of the ovine homologue of the mouse Hacl1 gene to sheep chromosome 1
The first microsatellite marker (BFRO 004) for grayling, informative for its Adriatic population
A dog microsatellite at the VIAS-D21 locus with demonstrated linkage to the marker CXX20
A PvuII PCR-RFLP test for the bovine β-lactoglobulin D allele
A probe containing ancient repetitive elements detects a new marker (S0521) on porcine chromosome 6
Extreme fragment lengths differences of the microsatellite in the expressed MHC-DRB gene of Merinoland sheep
A polymorphic SCAR-RAPD marker between species of tilapia (Pisces: Cichlidae)
Three polymorphisms in the porcine myogenic factor 5 (MYF5) gene detected by PCR-RFLP
A DNA polymorphism of the bovine calpastatin gene detected by SSCP analysis