Transcriptome of channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus): initial analysis of genes and expression profiles of the head kidney
Bovine melanocortin receptor 4: cDNA sequence, polymorphisms and mapping
Nomenclature for factors of the dog major histocompatibility system (DLA), 2000: second report of the ISAG DLA Nomenclature Committee
Construction and characterization of BAC libraries for three fish species; rainbow trout, carp and tilapia
Radiation hybrid comparative mapping between human chromosome 17 and porcine chromosome 12 demonstrates conservation of gene order
A genetic analysis of the London strain of rainbow trout
Characterization of swine leptin (LEP) polymorphisms and their association with production traits
Multi-primer target PCR for rapid identification of bovine DRB3 alleles
Polymorphic microsatellites developed by cross-species amplifications in common pheasant breeds
Genetic polymorphism of goat κ-casein (CSN3) in different breeds and characterization at DNA level
Complete genomic sequence of the bovine prion gene (PRNP) and polymorphism in its promoter region
Isolation, characterization and mapping of the bovine signal peptidase subunit 18 gene