Molecular cloning, expression analysis, promoter characterization, and chromosomal localization of the bovine PREF1 gene
The cream dilution gene, responsible for the palomino and buckskin coat colours, maps to horse chromosome 21
Identification of porcine Lhx3 and SF1 as candidate genes for QTL affecting growth and reproduction traits in swine
A strategy to identify positional candidate genes conferring Marek’s disease resistance by integrating DNA microarrays and genetic mapping
Microsatellite diversity, pedigree relatedness and the contributions of founder lineages to thoroughbred horses
Predictors of marker-informativeness for an outbred F2 design
The assignment by linkage mapping of four genes from human chromosome 22 to bovine chromosome 5 and 17
An updated linkage and comparative map of porcine chromosome 18
Complete sequence of the Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) mitochondrial genome and its genetic relationship with related species
Cloning of porcine IGF1 receptor cDNA and detection of sequence polymorphisms using RT-PCR
Genetic mapping of the ADRB2 gene on cattle chromosome 7
A SNP in the cattle MC4R gene is used to map MC4R to BTA 24
Molecular genetic characterization of the goat s2-casein E allele
Assignment of the porcine calpain-10 gene (CAPN10) to chromosome 15q23–26