Professor Jan Rendel
Professor Jacob Bouw
Isolation of porcine expressed sequence tags for the construction of a first genomic transcript map of the skeletal muscle in pig
Phylogenetic relationships of Asian and European pig breeds determined by mitochondrial DNA D-loop sequence polymorphism
Approaches to interval mapping of QTL in a multigeneration pedigree: the example of porcine chromosome 4
Parental assignment in fish using microsatellite genetic markers with finite numbers of parents and offspring
Localization of the muscular dystrophy AM locus using a chicken linkage map constructed with the Kobe University resource family
Indications of associations of the porcine FOS proto-oncogene with skeletal muscle fibre traits
Homogeneity of recombination rate within a conserved region on BTA3 that contains QTL
Lack of association of GH1 and POU1F1 gene variants with meat production traits in Piemontese cattle
Development of microsatellite markers and comparative mapping for bovine chromosome 19
A case of intersexuality in pigs associated with a de novo paracentric inversion 9 (p1.2; p2.2)
Porcine BAC derived microsatellites linked to ADRBK1, CNTF and GAL on SSC2
A missense mutation in the porcine mitochondrial 2,4-dienoyl CoA reductase 1 (DECR1) gene and linkage mapping of this locus to chromosome 4
A radiation hybrid map of bovine chromosome 27
Eighteen polymorphic microsatellite markers for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Mapping the transferrin gene in tilapia
Eleven single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) at a hypervariable locus on pig chromosome 6
Linkage mapping of a HaeIII PCR-RFLP within the porcine EXT1 gene
Rejection of MITF and MGF as the genes responsible for appaloosa coat colour patterns in horses
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