Chromosomal localization of the chicken and mammalian orthologues of the orphan phosphatase PHOSPHO1 gene

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SummaryPHOSPHO1 is a recently identified phosphatase expressed at high levels in the chicken growth plate and which may be involved in generating inorganic phosphate for skeletal matrix mineralization. Using a degenerate RT-PCR approach a fragment of human PHOSPHO1 was cloned. This enabled the identification of the human orthologue on HSA17q21, and the mouse orthologue on a region of MMU11 that exhibits conservation of synteny with HSA17q21. Chicken PHOSPHO1 was mapped by SSCP analysis to position 44 cM on GGA27, adjacent to the HOXB@ (44 cM) and COL1A1 (36 cM) loci. Comparison of genes on GGA27 with their orthologues on the preliminary draft of the human genome identifies regions of conserved synteny equivalent to 25 Mb on HSA17q21.2–23.3 and approximately 20 Mb on GGA27 in which the gene order appears to be conserved. Mapping of the PHOSPHO1 genes to regions of HSA17q21.3, MMU11 and GGA27 that exhibit conservation of synteny provides strong evidence that they are orthologous.

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