Mapping of equine potassium chloride co-transporter (SLC12A4) and amino acid transporter (SLC7A10) and preliminary studies on associations between SNPs from SLC12A4, SLC7A10 and SLC7A9 and osmotic fragility of erythrocytes

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SummaryConsensus DNA sequences from human, mouse and/or rat were used to design oligonucleotide primers for equine homologues of exons 16, 17 and 20–23 of potassium chloride co-transporter (SLC12A4) and exons 10, 11 and 3, 4, respectively, for two amino acid transporters (SLC7A10 and SLC7A9). DNA sequences of the PCR products showed high sequence identity to these regions. Equine BAC clones were obtained for SLC12A4 and SLC7A10 and mapped to equine chromosomes ECA3p13 and ECA10p15, respectively, by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). Several single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) were found. Substitutions of A/G were found within exon 17 of SLC12A4, within intron 11 of SLC7A10 and within intron 3 of SLC7A9. The SNP associated with SLC7A10 and SLC7A9 were sufficiently polymorphic to investigate associations with erythrocyte fragility among a group of 20 thoroughbred horses. A non-parametric rank-sum test showed a weak association between erythrocyte fragility and the SNP associated with SLC7A10 (P < 0.05).

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