Clyde Junior Stormont (1916–2002)
Origin of rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) in China
Genotypic variability at the major histocompatibility complex (B and Rfp-Y) in Camperos broiler chickens
Phylogenies using mtDNA and SRY provide evidence for male-mediated introgression in Asian domestic cattle
A consolidated linkage map for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Characterization of naturally processed and presented peptides associated with bovine major histocompatibility complex (BoLA) class II DR molecules
Cloning and characterization of the bovine EGR4 gene and evaluation as candidate gene for bovine spinal dysmyelination
Mapping of porcine ESTs obtained from the anterior pituitary
Development of 50 gene-associated microsatellite markers using BAC clones and the construction of a linkage map of swine chromosome 4
Evaluation of the present breeding programme against copper toxicosis in Danish Bedlington terriers
Characterization of a SINE indel polymorphism in the porcine AGL gene and assignment of the gene to chromosome 4q
Polymorphisms in the equine WNT1 gene allow linkage mapping to ECA6q
Linkage mapping of POMC to bovine chromosome 11
Linkage mapping of FBN1 to bovine chromosome 10
Construction and characterization of three BAC libraries for analysis of the chicken genome
Linkage mapping of the porcine testis enhanced gene transcript (TEGT ) gene to chromosome 51,2
Characterization and mapping of 19 polymorphic microsatellite markers for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
OtY1 is a Y-linked marker in Chinook salmon but not in Rainbow trout
Marker polymorphisms in the porcine genes for muscle glycogen synthase (GYS1) and muscle glycogen phosphorylase (PYGM)
Genetic mapping of the chicken stem cell antigen 2 (SCA2) gene to chromosome 2 via PCR primer mutagenesis1