An expanded comparative map of bovine chromosome 27 targeting dairy form QTL regions*
Genetic diversity in German draught horse breeds compared with a group of primitive, riding and wild horses by means of microsatellite DNA markers
B-F DNA sequence variability in Brazilian (blue-egg Caipira) chickens
Microsatellite diversity, population subdivision and gene flow in the Lipizzan horse
Impact of the ESR gene on litter size and production traits in Czech Large White pigs
Identification of an ovulation rate QTL in cattle on BTA14 using selective DNA pooling and interval mapping1
Contributions of Portuguese cattle breeds to genetic diversity using marker-estimated kinships
Molecular cloning, expression and functional characterization of the cytochrome P450 2A6 gene in pig liver*
Genomic characterization of a novel pair of ID genes in the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Linkage arrangement of Na,K-ATPase genes in the tetraploid-derived genome of the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Exclusion of galectin 9 as a candidate gene for hyperuricosuria in the Dalmatian dog
Ovine alpha-amylase genes
The genes encoding bovine SP-A, SP-D, MBL-A, conglutinin, CL-43 and CL-46 form a distinct collectin locus on Bos taurus chromosome 28 (BTA28) at position q.1.8–1.9
Comparative mapping of human chromosome 10 to pig chromosomes 10 and 14*
A new single nucleotide polymorphism in the chicken pituitary-specific transcription factor (POU1F1) gene associated with growth rate
Association of the heart fatty acid-binding protein (FABP3) gene with milk traits in Manchega breed sheep
The canine KRAS2 gene maps to chromosome 22
Genomic localization and SNP discovery in the bovine melanocortin receptor 4 gene (MC4R)
Assignment of the porcine PLD2 gene to chromosome 12 and characterization of a SINE indel polymorphism
Sequencing and mapping of the porcine CCS gene
The protein kinase B, gamma (AKT3) gene maps to canine chromosome 7
The canine NRAS gene maps to CFA 17
Linkage mapping of chicken ovoinhibitor and ovomucoid genes to chromosome 13
Cloning and mapping of canine KIAA1753