The genes encoding bovine SP-A, SP-D, MBL-A, conglutinin, CL-43 and CL-46 form a distinct collectin locus on Bos taurus chromosome 28 (BTA28) at position q.1.8–1.9

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SummaryCollectins are a group of C-type lectins involved in the innate immune system, where they mediate and modulate clearance of pathogens. The health status of cattle is of major economical and ethical concern; therefore, the study of bovine collectins is of importance. The collectins conglutinin, CL-43 and CL-46 are only present in Bovidae and the characterization of their genes indicates that they are structural descendants of another collectin, lung surfactant protein D (SP-D). In this study, we assembled BAC clones into a contig spanning 330–1150 kb, which includes the bovine genes encoding the collectins SP-A (SFTPA), SP-D (SFTPD), mannan-binding lectin A (MBL1), CL-43 (COLEC9), CL-46 (COLEC13) and conglutinin (COLEC8). In the same contig, we also identified a gene that potentially encodes a novel conglutinin-like collectin (COLEC14). The arrangement of STFPA, SFTPD and MBL1 is homologous to the organization found in humans and mice, whereas the Bovidae-specific collectin genes, COLEC8, COLEC9 and COLEC13, extend from SFTPD. Proximal to the collectin locus at BTA28q1.8–1.9, and included in the contig, we found the microsatellite IDVGA8, which may be a valuable marker for tracking polymorphisms in the linked collectin genes.

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