Cloning and characterization of myogenic regulatory genes in three Ictalurid species
Bovine umbilical hernia maps to the centromeric end of Bos taurus autosome 8
Mapping of the bovine genes of the de novo AMP synthesis pathway1
Comparative analysis and development of microsatellite markers on swine (Sus scrofa) chromosome 1qter
Quantitative trait loci for male reproductive traits in beef cattle*
Identification of a mutation associated with factor XI deficiency in Holstein cattle
PRNP polymorphisms in Chinese ovine, caprine and bovine breeds1
Molecular cloning and analysis of the swamp and river buffalo leptin gene
Development of type I markers in channel catfish through intron sequencing
Exclusion of WT1 as a candidate gene for canine SRY-negative XX sex reversal
Linkage mapping of the MC3R gene to porcine chromosome 17
Detection of SNPs and linkage and radiation hybrid mapping of the porcine C-reactive protein (CRP) gene
Comparison of avian myostatin genes
Radiation hybrid mapping of four genes (MYBPC1, LUM, ZRF1 and ATP2B4) expressed in embryo skeleton muscle to pig chromosomes 5 and 9
Addition of 14 anchored loci to the porcine chromosome 8 comparative map
Physical mapping of the KCNJ8 gene to bovine chromosome 5q3.2–q3.4
Assignment of the PRPH gene to bovine chromosome 5q1.4 by FISH and confirmation by RH mapping
Mapping of CYP11B and a putative CYHR1 paralogous gene to bovine chromosome 14 by FISH
Ten polymorphic microsatellite markers from Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus)
Thirty-five new equine microsatellite loci assigned to genetic linkage and radiation hybrid maps
Sixty-seven new equine microsatellite loci assigned to the equine radiation hybrid map
Isolation, characterization and chromosome assignment of 341 newly isolated equine TKY microsatellite markers
The FAS-activated serine/threonine kinase gene maps to canine chromosome 16
Mapping of the bovine homologue of the human chromosome 14 open reading frame 4 (C14orf4) gene to BTA10q36
Mapping of the ATP11B gene and refined localization of the SOX2 a and FXR1 b genes to BTA1q33
The porcine homologues of six genes located on human chromosome 8 (RAB2, CA3, PTDSS1, MATN2, FZD6 and SQLE) assigned to porcine chromosome 4 by fluorescence in situ hybridization
Genetic testing for feline polycystic kidney disease