Missense mutations in exon 4 of the porcine LEPR gene encoding extracellular domain and their association with fatness traits

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SummaryThree non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms (T221C, T232A and C233T) were detected in exon 4 of the porcine leptin receptor (LEPR) gene. The T232A substitution could be identified as a (Tsp509I) restriction fragment length polymorphism. The frequency of genotype TT varied in six genetic groups from 0.62 (Duroc) to 0.99 (Polish Large White). Sequencing of exon 4, performed for 30 animals, revealed that only two intragenic haplotypes (TC and AT at nucleotide position 232–233) were present. The phenotypic effect of the Tsp509I polymorphism was tested for the Polish Landrace (n = 241) and a synthetic line 990 (n = 243). There was no statistical evidence for the direct effect of the LEPR polymorphisms on fatness traits. However, in Polish Landrace allele A at position 232 was associated with thicker backfat over shoulder.

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