Polymorphism of the GHR gene in cattle and relationships with meat production and quality

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SummaryGrowth hormone (GH) exerts its effects on growth and metabolism by interacting with a specific receptor (GHR) on the surface of the target cells. Therefore, GHR has been suggested as candidate gene for traits related to meat production in cattle. The aim of the study was to analyse the polymorphism at position 257 in exon 10 of the GHR gene and investigate relationships with 14 in vivo traits and four meat characteristics in Piemontese animals. The biallelic polymorphism already described was detected using a new PCR procedure. The statistical analysis did not show significant gene substitution effects on growth, size and meat conformation traits. As for meat characteristics, a significant gene substitution of GHRA over GHRG was observed for drip losses at day 3, with the allele GHRA associated with higher values. A significant dominance effect was also observed for this trait. Further investigations in other breeds will be useful for better understanding information on the effect of this GHR polymorphism.

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