A refined radiation hybrid map of the telomeric region of bovine chromosome 18q25–q26 compared with human chromosome 19q13

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SummaryGenome-wide scans have mapped economically important quantitative trait loci (QTL) for mastitis susceptibility in dairy cattle at the telomeric end of bovine chromosome 18 (BTA18). In order to increase the density of markers in this chromosomal region and to improve breakpoint resolution in the human–bovine comparative map, this study describes the chromosomal assignment of seven newly developed gene-associated markers and five microsatellites and eight previously mapped sequence tagged site markers near these QTL. The orientation of KCNJ14, BAX, CD37, NKG7, LIM2, PRKCG, TNNT1, MGC2705, RPL28, EPN1, ZNF582, ZIM2, STK13, ZNF132 and SLC27A5 on the 3000-rad radiation hybrid (RH) map of BTA18 is homologous to the organization found on the corresponding 10 Mbp of human chromosome 19q (HSA19q). The resulting bovine RH map with a length of 20.9 cR spans over about 11 cM on the bovine linkage map. The location of KCNJ14 and SLC27A5 flanking the RH map on BTA18q25–26 has been confirmed by fluorescence in situ hybridization. The data of this refined human–bovine comparative map should improve selection of candidate genes for mastitis susceptibility in dairy cattle.

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