Cloning, mapping and association study with carcass traits of the porcine SDHD gene
The Lusitano horse maternal lineage based on mitochondrial D-loop sequence variation
Mitochondrial DNA analysis of horses recovered from a frozen tomb (Berel site, Kazakhstan, 3rd Century BC)
Differential gene expression in liver of inbred chickens and their hybrid offspring
Chromosomal assignment of chicken clone contigs by extending the consensus linkage map
Investigation of serum protein systems in Chinese pigs
Construction of a genetic linkage map of Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) based on AFLP and microsatellite markers
Analysis of testis-specific transcripts in the chicken
SNP analysis of AMY2 and CTSL genes in Litopenaeus vannamei and Penaeus monodon shrimp
Conservation of promoter, coding and intronic regions of the non-classical MHC class II DYA gene suggests evolution under functional constraints
Molecular cloning, expression and radiation hybrid mapping of the bovine deiodinase type II (DIO2) and deiodinase type III (DIO3) genes1
Nine porcine microsatellite loci tested for size homoplasy in genetically diverse breeds
A high-resolution radiation hybrid map of bovine chromosome 5q1.3–q2.5 compared with human chromosome 12q
Polymorphism, linkage mapping and expression pattern of the porcine skeletal muscle glycogen synthase (GYS1) gene
Identification of 33 microsatellite loci on porcine chromosome 17
Canine microsatellites associated with genes known to cause progressive retinal atrophy in dogs or retinitis pigmentosa in humans
Equine microsatellites associated with the COMP, LRP5 and COL1A1 genes
Assignment of the COL16A1 gene to equine chromosome 2p15.1–p15.3 by FISH and confirmation by RH mapping
Annotation of the chicken IL10 gene cluster and effects of lipopolysaccharide stimulation on IL10 gene expression
Cloning of canine galactokinase (GALK1) and evaluation as a candidate gene for hereditary cataracts in Labrador retrievers
Polymorphisms of the prion protein gene (PRNP) in Chinese domestic sika deer (Cervus nippon hortulorum)
Molecular cloning and characterization of SLA-DR genes in the 133-family of the Banna mini-pig inbred line
Assignment of the porcine silencing mediator for retinoid and thyroid hormone receptors (NCOR2) to SSC14q21 by radiation hybrid mapping
Polymorphism analysis and RH mapping of the canine Usher syndrome 1G (USH1G) gene to CFA9
Mapping TERT to chromosome 16 in swine
Assignment of the porcine SKI and GABRD genes to chromosome 6q22–q23
Characterization of three SNPs and localization of the porcine sperm adhesion molecule (SPAM1) gene to chromosome 18 by radiation hybrid mapping
Linkage and RH mapping of the porcine adiponectin gene on chromosome 13
Assignment of the COMP gene to equine chromosome 21q12–q14 by FISH and confirmation by RH mapping
Characterization and linkage mapping of four gene-associated porcine microsatellites
Cloning and mapping MC1R to chromosome 16 in giant panda
Two non-amplified alleles at the canine microsatellite AHTh171 locus due to a single nucleotide transition in the primer-binding region
Physical mapping of the PTHR1 gene to equine chromosome 16q21.2
Linkage mapping of the SCN8A gene to chicken linkage group E22C19W28
Characterization of pig INSIG1 and assignment to SSC18