Combination of multiple microsatellite data sets to investigate genetic diversity and admixture of domestic cattle
Genomic structure and gene order of swine chromosome 7q1.1→q1.2
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An effect of a missense mutation in the porcine melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4R) gene on production traits in Polish pig breeds is doubtful
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A single-base change in the tyrosine kinase II domain of ovine FGFR3 causes hereditary chondrodysplasia in sheep
Chromosomal localization of the UBAP2Z and UBAP2W genes in chicken
Mapping of the CCK, PSMC2, PSMC4, PSMD1, CPB1 and PSPH genes in cattle
Construction of a normalized Bos taurus and Bos indicus macrophage-specific cDNA library
Radiation hybrid mapping of seven bovine genes encoding transcription factors involved in adipogenesis
Sequencing, mapping and nucleotide variation of porcine coat colour genes EDNRB, MYO5A, KITLG, SLC45A2, RAB27A, SILV and MITF
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Assignment of turkey linkage group M22 to the comparative turkey/chicken map
Analysis of chicken embryonic gonad expressed sequenced tags
Canine microsatellites associated with genes implicated in cardiac development and function
Exclusion of CXCR4 as the cause of Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome in Border Collies using five microsatellites on canine chromosome 19