A comparative map of macrochromosomes between chicken and Japanese quail based on orthologous genes

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SummaryIn order to develop a comparative map between chicken and quail, we identified orthologous gene markers based on chicken genomic sequences and localized them on the Japanese quail Kobe-NIBS linkage map, which had previously been constructed with amplified fragment length polymorphisms. After sequencing the intronic regions of 168 genes located on chicken chromosomes 1–8, polymorphisms among Kobe-NIBS quail family parents were detected in 51 genes. These orthologous markers were mapped on eight Japanese quail linkage groups (JQG), and they allowed the comparison of JQG to chicken macrochromosomes. The locations of the genes and their orders were quite similar between the two species except within a previously reported inversion on quail chromosome 2. Therefore, we propose that the respective quail linkage groups are macrochromosomes and designated as quail chromosomes CJA 1–8.

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