Cross-species overgo hybridization and comparative physical mapping within avian genomes

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SummaryThe chicken genome sequence facilitates comparative genomics within other avian species. We performed cross-species hybridizations using overgo probes designed from chicken genomic and zebra finch expressed sequence tags (ESTs) to turkey and zebra finch BAC libraries. As a result, 3772 turkey BACs were assigned to 336 markers or genes, and 1662 zebra finch BACs were assigned to 164 genes. As expected, cross-hybridization was more successful with overgos within coding sequences than within untranslated region, intron or flanking sequences and between chicken and turkey, when compared with chicken-zebra finch or zebra finch-turkey cross-hybridization. These data contribute to the comparative alignment of avian genome maps using a ‘one sequence, multiple genomes’ strategy.

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