Association analyses of a SNP in the promoter ofIGF1with fat deposition and carcass merit traits in hybrid, Angus and Charolais beef cattle

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SummaryA SNP in the promoter region of insulin like growth factor-1 (IGF1) (c.−512C>T) was analysed for associations with 10 fat deposition and carcass merit traits in hybrid (n = 455), Angus (n = 204) and Charolais (n = 186) beef cattle populations. Significant associations of the SNP were found for ultrasound backfat thickness (P = 0.030), carcass average backfat (P = 0.015) and carcass lean meat yield (LMY) (P = 0.023) in the Angus beef population, with the ‘CC’ genotype showing higher fat depth and lower LMY than the ‘TT’ genotype. Analyses of transcription factor binding sites based on transcription element search system prediction revealed that the ‘C’ allele introduces a binding site for nuclear factor I, which has an adipose tissue-specific regulatory role and thus may contribute to the SNP effect on fat deposition in the population of pure Angus cattle, a breed with greater fat depth than the hybrid and Charolais breeds.

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