Genes located on a SSC17 meat quality QTL region are associated with growth in outbred pig populations

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SummaryThe objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of markers developed in eight genes, located in a previously detected meat quality QTL region on SSC17, on growth, fat and meat quality traits collected in commercial pig populations of different genetic backgrounds. The genes had been previously mapped to SSC17 as part of a fine-mapping effort. Association analyses were conducted between each marker and the available phenotypic traits. Results showed that three genes (CTSZ, CSTF1 and C20orf43) were significantly associated with the growth traits. In addition, CTSZ also impacted on meat colour, with the less favourable genotype for growth being associated with darker meat. The differences observed between genotypes were substantial and may be of economic importance to pig producers. These markers may be useful for selecting for faster growth or improved meat quality.

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