Cattle and chemokines: evidence for species-specific evolution of the bovine chemokine system
Bovine PGLYRP1 polymorphisms and their association with resistance to Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis
Genome-wide association study reveals five nucleotide sequence variants for carcass traits in beef cattle
Genetic differentiation of water buffalo ( Bubalus bubalis ) populations in China, Nepal and south-east Asia: inferences on the region of domestication of the swamp buffalo
Polymorphism and gene organization of water buffalo MHC-DQB genes show homology to the BoLA DQB region
An intronic polymorphism in the porcine IRF7 gene is associated with better health and immunity of the host during Sarcocystis infection, and affects interferon signalling
Functional modelling of an equine bronchoalveolar lavage fluid proteome provides experimental confirmation and functional annotation of equine genome sequences
Characterization of the PRNP gene locus in Chios dairy sheep and its association with milk production and reproduction traits
The role of bovine causal genes underlying dairy traits in Spanish Churra sheep
A novel genetic marker of the ovomucoid gene associated with hatchability in Tsaiya ducks ( Anas platyrhynchos )
Microsatellite analysis revealed genetic diversity and population structure among Chinese cashmere goats
Genetic diversity of mitochondrial cytochrome b gene in Chinese native buffalo
Inbreeding affects fecundity of American mink ( Neovison vison ) in Danish farm mink
A high-resolution comparative map of porcine chromosome 4 (SSC4)
Further resolution of porcine phylogeny in Southeast Asia by Thai mtDNA haplotypes
Novel alternative splicing by exon skipping in KIT associated with whole-body roan in an intercrossed population of Landrace and Korean Native pigs
Jin-Tae Jeon (1962–2011)