Review: domestic animal forensic genetics – biological evidence, genetic markers, analytical approaches and challenges
Relationship between wild greylag and European domestic geese based on mitochondrial DNA
Identification and characterisation of alternative transcriptional variants of PDGFRL in two lines of commercial poultry
Beta-globin gene evolution in the ruminants: evidence for an ancient origin of sheep haplotype B
Progressive retinal atrophy in Shetland sheepdog is associated with a mutation in the CNGA1 gene
Transcriptome comparison in the pituitary–adrenal axis between Beagle and Chinese Field dogs after chronic stress exposure
Major histocompatibility complex class II genetic variation in forest musk deer ( Moschus berezovskii ) in China
Design of a low-density SNP chip for the main Australian sheep breeds and its effect on imputation and genomic prediction accuracy
Whole-genome prediction of fatty acid composition in meat of Japanese Black cattle
Association of TLR4 polymorphisms with Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infection status in Canadian Holsteins
A stop-gain in the laminin, alpha 3 gene causes recessive junctional epidermolysis bullosa in Belgian Blue cattle
Genome-wide association QTL mapping for teat number in a purebred population of Duroc pigs
Mitochondrial DNA variation of Nigerian domestic helmeted guinea fowl
Copy number variations in the amylase gene ( AMY2B ) in Japanese native dog breeds
Segregation of the hereditary thrombopathia-associated polymorphism in polled German Fleckvieh cattle
Genome-wide SNP data show little differentiation between the Appaloosa and other American stock horse breeds
Polymorphism in dopamine receptor D4 gene is associated with pigeon racing performance
A breeding experiment confirms the dominant mode of inheritance of the brown coat colour associated with the 496Asp TYRP1 allele in goats
The b c allele of TYRP1 is causative for the recessive brown (liver) colour in German Shepherd dogs