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Locus‐specific ancestry to detect recent response to selection in admixed Swiss Fleckvieh cattle
Genetic diversity and genomic signatures of selection among cattle breeds from Siberia, eastern and northern Europe
Genome‐wide methylation profile following prenatal and postnatal dietary omega‐3 fatty acid supplementation in pigs
Detection of selection signatures of population‐specific genomic regions selected during domestication process in Jinhua pigs
Novel Y‐chromosome short tandem repeats in Sus scrofa and their variation in European wild boar and domestic pig populations
Effect of swine leukocyte antigen‐DQA gene variation on diarrhea in Large White, Landrace, and Duroc piglets
Identification of the sex‐determining region in flathead grey mullet (Mugil cephalus)
A genome‐wide association study identifies a region strongly associated with symmetrical onychomadesis on chromosome 12 in dogs
Variations at regulatory regions of the milk protein genes are associated with milk traits and coagulation properties in the Sarda sheep
Genetic diversity analyses reveal first insights into breed‐specific selection signatures within Swiss goat breeds
Evidence of positive selection and concerted evolution in the rapidly evolving PRDM9 zinc finger domain in goats and sheep
Comprehensive investigation of nucleotide diverdity in yaks
Single nucleotide polymorphisms in exomes of high‐ and low‐marbled meats in Korean cattle