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Mining long noncoding RNA in livestock
Identification of molecular markers for oocyte competence in bovine cumulus cells
Genome‐wide association studies identify susceptibility loci affecting respiratory disease in Chinese Erhualian pigs under natural conditions
Genome‐wide genetic variation discovery in Chinese Taihu pig breeds using next generation sequencing
Identification of new single nucleotide polymorphisms affecting total number born and candidate genes related to ovulation rate in Chinese Erhualian pigs
Selection signature analysis reveals genes associated with tail type in Chinese indigenous sheep
Identification of genes and proteins associated with anagen wool growth
Genome‐wide association study for semen traits of the bulls in Chinese Holstein
Genome‐wide linkage disequilibrium and past effective population size in three Korean cattle breeds
Ruminal expression of the NQO1, RGS5, and ACAT1 genes may be indicators of feed efficiency in beef steers†
Bayesian analysis of parent‐specific transmission ratio distortion in seven Spanish beef cattle breeds
Next generation semiconductor based sequencing of bitter taste receptor genes in different pig populations and association analysis using a selective DNA pool‐seq approach
Genome‐wide association study for ham weight loss at first salting in Italian Large White pigs
Association between population structure and allele frequencies of the glycogen synthase 1 mutation in the Austrian Noriker draft horse
Genome‐wide DNA markers to support genetic management for domestication and commercial production in a large rodent, the Ghanaian grasscutter (Thryonomys swinderianus)
Not another type of potato
Ectopic position of duplicated KIT gene in African Nguni cattle, associated with color sidedness, confirms its shared ancestry with the Bos taurus lineage
A novel MITF variant in a white American Standardbred foal
Validation of a candidate causative mutation for white spotting in donkeys
Involvement of tyrosinase‐related protein 1 gene in the light brown plumage phenotype of Falco cherrug
High‐density SNP‐based genetic map for Odontobutis potamophila
Allelic heterogeneity of albinism in the domestic cat