EFFect oF nitrogen supplementation and zilpaterol–HCl on urea kinetics in steers consuming corn-based diets
EFFecTs oF δ-aminolevulinic acid and viTamin C supplemenTaTion on iron sTaTus, producTion perFormance, blood characTerisTics and egg qualiTy oF laying hens
EFFects oF two probiotic additives containing Bacillus spores on carcass characteristics, blood lipids and cecal volatile Fatty acids in meat type chickens
Characterization oF a yeast culture extract compound stimulating the growth oF an anaerobic cellulolytic consortium
EFFects oF yeast selenium supplementation on the growth perFormance, meat quality, immunity, and antioxidant capacity oF goose
PerFormance oF crossbred calves with dietary supplementation oF garlic extract
Preliminary results on the eFFects oF grape( Vitis viniFera ) seed condensed tannins on in vitro intestinal digestibility oF the lupin ( Lupinus angustiFolius ) seed protein Fraction in small ruminants
Growth response, nutrient and mineral retention, bone mineralisation and walking ability oF broiler chickens Fed with dietary inclusion oF various unconventional mineral sources
EFFect oF heat stress on endotoxin Flux across mesenteric-drained and portal-drained viscera oF dairy goat
Fasting and reFeeding modulate the expression oF stress proteins along the gastrointestinal tract oF weaned pigs
EFFects oF starch and Fibre in pelleted diets on nutritional status oF mule deer ( Odocoileus hemionus ) Fawns
Water intake in domestic rabbits ( Oryctolagus cuniculus ) From open dishes and nipple drinkers under diFFerent water and Feeding regimes
EFFect oF dietary Fish oil on milk yield, Fatty acids content and serum metabolic proFile in dairy cows
EFFect oF dietary supplementation oF probiotic on the perFormance oF F1 crossbred (Rhode Island red male × Fayoumi Female) cockerels
EFFects oF vitamin C supplementation on growth perFormance and antioxidant status oF layer ducklings
InFluence oF induced heat stress on HSP70 in buFFalo lymphocytes