Gastrointestinal health and function in weaned pigs
Quantification of pericaudal adipocyte diameter in dairy cattle during peripartum
A 90-day adaptation to a high glycaemic diet alters postprandial lipid metabolism in non-obese horses without affecting peripheral insulin sensitivity
Effect of pre-partum supplementation of vitamin E to Murrah buffaloes on immune functions and viability of calves
Effect of excess levels of lysine and leucine in wheat-based, amino acid-fortified diets on the mRNA expression of two selected cationic amino acid transporters in pigs
Effects of dietary protein levels on digestibility of nutrients and growth rate in young female mink ( Mustela vison )
Multiparous cows categorized by milk protein concentration and energy-corrected milk yield during early lactation – metabolism, productivity and effect of a short-term feed restriction
Rumen microbial variation and nutrient utilisation in mithun ( Bos frontalis ) under different feeding regimes
Nutrient and metal analyses of Chinese herbal products marketed for veterinary use
Effect of supplementation of vitamin E, copper and zinc on the in vitro phagocytic activity and lymphocyte proliferation index of peripartum Sahiwal ( Bos indicus ) cows
Cortisol release, heart rate and heart rate variability, and superficial body temperature, in horses lunged either with hyperflexion of the neck or with an extended head and neck position
Hepatoprotective effects of S-adenosylmethionine and silybin on canine hepatocytes in vitro
Intestinal glucose absorption in calves as affected by different carbohydrate sources
Comparison between stearoyl-CoA desaturase expression in milk somatic cells and in mammary tissue of lactating dairy cows
Enzymatic characteristics of crude feruloyl and acetyl esterases of rumen fungus Neocallimastix sp. YAK11 isolated from yak ( Bos grunniens )
Effect of different blood-guided conditioning programmes on skeletal muscle ultrastructure and histochemistry of sport horses
Physiologic changes associated with dietary fat and protein alterations in exercising detection dogs
The effect of feeding two or three meals per day of low or high non-structural carbohydrate feed on glucose and insulin concentrations in horses
Food preferences between esterified palm acid oil and native palm oil in adult dogs
Effects of dietary macronutrients on postprandial endocrine response in domestic cats
Reducing dietary crude protein intake limits whole body protein synthesis in growing horses, even when NRC requirements are met
Maternal diet influences kitten bodyweight gains pre- and post-weaning
The relationship between serum adipokines and insulin with serum long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in Labrador retrievers
Determination of fiber concentration in commercial canine diets using crude fiber and total dietary fiber methods
Endogenous urinary oxalate excretion is unaffected by dietary macronutrient profile in healthy adult cats
Gastrointestinal microbiota and inflammation in obese dogs before and after weight loss
Neurobiology of energy and protein intake
The effect of non-structural carbohydrates (NSC) content of cool season pasture grasses on fecal pH in horses grazing different times of day
Influence of different forms of starch sources in expanded dry diet on stools characteristics in dogs differing in body size
Effect of photoperiod on physical activity and food intake in adult neutered male cats
Comparison of various solutions to dissolve in vitro feeding tube clogs
Orchard grass hay digestibility in overweight vs. lean adult mares
Predicted vs. actual dietary intake levels in a group of old horses
Inclusion of cooked navy bean powder in diets of healthy adult dogs did not alter microbial populations
Association of subcutaneous fat on thoracic radiographs compared to body condition scores in dogs
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Metabolizable energy in dry dog food is best predicted by NRC 2006 equation
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Population demographics of patients receiving homemade diets
Dietary L-carnitine results in greater energy expenditure and play motivation, and lower RQ in overweight, but not lean, adult cats
Inclusion of maize in the grazing diet of goats during the last 12 days of gestation reinforces the expression of maternal behaviour
Computer evaluation of the nutritional adequacy of common home-cooked diet recipes intended for dogs with cancer
Intra-and inter-variability of body condition scoring in kittens
Pasture intake in ponies with and without a grazing muzzle and over time
Quality and in vitro prediction of the nutritional value of the poultry by-product meal for extruded dog diets
Insoluble fiber (sugarcane fiber) effects on digestibility, satiety, and postprandial responses of dogs