Aquaculture and stress management: a review of probiotic intervention
Regulation of pancreatic exocrine secretion in goats: differential effects of short- and long-term duodenal phenylalanine treatment
Microbial population in the rumen of swamp buffalo ( Bubalus bubalis ) as influenced by coconut oil and mangosteen peel supplementation
Effect of medicinal and aromatic plants on rumen fermentation, protozoa population and methanogenesis in vitro
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Seasonal, sex and live weight variations in feed and water consumptions of adult captive African Giant rats ( Cricetomys gambianus , Waterhouse – 1840) kept individually in cages
Effect of tea catechins on regulation of cell proliferation and antioxidant enzyme expression in H2O2-induced primary hepatocytes of goat in vitro
Calculation of protein and energy requirements in beluga sturgeon ( Huso huso ) using a factorial approach
Effect of ammonium-iron-hexa-cyanoferrate and of the covariates age, gender, weight, season and calendar time on radiocaesium contamination of wild boars living in the wild in Bavaria
Body phosphorus mobilization and deposition during lactation in dairy cows
Electromyographic evaluation of masseter muscle activity in horses fed (i) different types of roughage and (ii) maize after different hay allocations
Seasonal and age effects on energy requirements in domestic short-hair cats ( Felis catus ) in a temperate environment
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Effect of donor animals and their diet on in vitro nutrient degradation and microbial protein synthesis using grass and corn silages
Effect of intake of linoleic acid and α-linolenic acid levels on conversion into long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in backfat and in intramuscular fat of growing pigs
Impact of two types of complete pelleted, wild ungulate feeds and two pelleted feed to hay ratios on the development of urolithogenic compounds in meat goats as a model for giraffes
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