Enteric, hepatic and muscle tissue development of goat kids fed with lyophilized bovine colostrum
Recovery of intact IgG in the gastrointestinal tract of the growing rat following ingestion of an ovine serum immunoglobulin
Effects of eccentric exercise on branched-chain amino acid profiles in rat serum and skeletal muscle
Evaluation of a fast, objective tool for assessing body condition of budgerigars ( Melopsittacus undulatus )
Central neuropeptide W has anorexigenic effect in rats
Effect of dietary canola oil on long-chain omega-3 fatty acid content in broiler hearts
Fresh and preserved green fodder modify effects of urinary acidifiers on urine pH of horses
Scoring of sweat losses in exercised horses – a pilot study
Effects of food processing and fibre content on the digestibility, energy intake and biochemical parameters of Blue-and-gold macaws ( Ara ararauna L. – Aves, Psittacidae)*
Conversion of α-linolenic acid to long-chain omega-3 fatty acid derivatives and alterations of HDL density subfractions and plasma lipids with dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids in Monk parrots ( Myiopsitta monachus )
Effects of incremental amounts of fish oil on trans fatty acids and Butyrivibrio bacteria in continuous culture fermenters
Effects of dietary β-(1,3)(1,6)-D-glucan supplementation on growth performance, intestinal morphology and haemato-immunological profile of mirror carp ( Cyprinus carpio L.)
Interactive effects of molasses by homofermentative and heterofermentative inoculants on fermentation quality, nitrogen fractionation, nutritive value and aerobic stability of wilted alfalfa ( Medicago sativa L ) silage
Effects of a Brown-midrib corn hybrid on nutrient digestibility in wethers and on dry matter intake, performance, rumen and blood variables in dairy cows
The effect of dietary protein levels on the expression of genes coding for four selected protein translation initiation factors in muscle tissue of Wujin pig
Changes in tissue free amino acid pools in growing chickens fed thermally treated vetch diets
Content of plasmatic glycerol and activity of hepatic glycerol kinase in broiler chickens fed diets containing different sources and concentrations of glycerine
Ontogeny expression of ghrelin, neuropeptide Y and cholecystokinin in blunt snout bream, Megalobrama amblycephala
Effect of feeding dried distillers' grains with solubles on milk yield and milk composition of cows in mid-lactation and digestibility in sheep
Low protein provision during the first year of life, but not during foetal life, affects metabolic traits, organ mass development and growth in male mink ( Neovison vison )
Effect of different levels of black cumin ( Nigella sativa L.) on performance, intestinal Escherichia coli colonization and jejunal morphology in laying hens
Tissue fatty acid composition and estimated Δ desaturase activity after castration in chicken broilers fed with linseed or sunflower oil
Effect of dietary supplementation with an ethanolic extract of propolis on broiler intestinal morphology and digestive enzyme activity