Chitosan and its oligosaccharide derivatives (chito-oligosaccharides) as feed supplements in poultry and swine nutrition
Study of enzyme activities and protein content of beluga ( Huso huso ) semen before and after cryopreservation
Determination of some blood and seminal plasma ions in the beluga, Huso huso (Linnaeus, 1758)
Dietary effects of Moringa oleifera leaf powder on growth, gastrointestinal morphometry and blood and liver metabolites in Sprague Dawley rats
The effects of nutrition-induced abnormal food metabolism in the Southern Plains woodrat ( Neotoma micropus ): comparisons of variations of the Western diet
Immunohistochemical study on localization of serotonin immunoreactive cells in the gastrointestinal tract of the European catfish ( Silurus glanis , L.)
Effects of lycopene supplementation in both maternal and offspring diets on growth performance, antioxidant capacity and biochemical parameters in chicks
Effects of dietary substitution of zinc-methionine for inorganic zinc sources on growth performance, tissue zinc accumulation and some blood parameters in broiler chicks
Effects of supplemental nanoparticle trivalent chromium on the nutrient utilization, growth performance and serum traits of broilers
Effects of multiple collections on spermatozoa quality of Persian sturgeon, Acipenser persicus : motility, density and seminal plasma composition
Presence and content of kynurenic acid in animal feed
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Effects of isobutyrate supplementation on ruminal microflora, rumen enzyme activities and methane emissions in Simmental steers
The effect of three different head–neck positions on the average EMG activity of three important neck muscles in the horse
Efficiency of microbial phytase supplementation in diets formulated with different calcium:phosphorus ratios, supplied to broilers from 22 to 33 days old
Antioxidant enzyme activities, plasma hormone levels and serum metabolites of finishing broiler chickens reared under high ambient temperature and fed lemon and orange peel extracts and Curcuma xanthorrhiza essential oil
In ovo carbohydrate supplementation modulates growth and immunity-related genes in broiler chickens
Metabolic parameters and their relationship to energy balance in multiparous Simmental, Brown Swiss and Holstein cows in the periparturient period as influenced by energy supply pre- and post-calving
A controlled trial on the effect of feeding dietary chestnut extract and glycerol monolaurate on liver function in newborn calves