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Quick reference guide for clinicians: systematic review of the evidence regarding potential complications of inhaled steroid use in asthma
Antihistamines and driving ability: evidence from on-the-road driving studies during normal traffic
Acute onset of facial swelling during colonoscopy in a 50-year-old woman
Continuing decreases in asthma mortality in the United States
Use of asthma medication dispensing patterns to predict risk of adverse health outcomes: a study of Medicaid-insured children in managed care programs
Association between preference-based healthrelated quality of life and asthma severity
Quality of patient-reported outcome data captured using paper and interactive voice response diaries in an allergic rhinitis study: is electronic data capture really better?
A pilot survey of β2-agonist inhaler availability for children with asthma during organized sporting events
Comparison of the effects of fluticasone propionate aqueous nasal spray and loratadine on daytime alertness and performance in children with seasonal allergic rhinitis
The effect of BCG vaccine at birth on the development of atopy or allergic disease in young children
Correlation of environmental factors with asthma and rhinitis symptoms in Tulsa, OK
Montelukast for treating fall allergic rhinitis: effect of pollen exposure in 3 studies
Intravenous desensitization to allopurinol in a heart transplant patient with gout
Oxandrolone treatment of childhood hereditary angioedema
Fundamental Immunology
Color Atlas of Allergic Diseases