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Safety of high-dose rofecoxib in patients with aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease
Patient preferences for sensory attributes of intranasal corticosteroids and willingness to adhere to prescribed therapy for allergic rhinitis: a conjoint analysis
Fluticasone propionate and salmeterol administered via Diskus compared with salmeterol or fluticasone propionate alone in patients suboptimally controlled with short-acting β2-agonists
Safety of the new selective cyclooxygenase type 2 inhibitors rofecoxib and celecoxib in patients with anaphylactoid reactions to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Comparative cutoff points for adenosine monophosphate and methacholine challenge testing
Observational study of the effects of using montelukast vs fluticasone in patients matched at baseline
The Copenhagen Prospective Study on Asthma in Childhood (COPSAC): design, rationale, and baseline data from a longitudinal birth cohort study
Regulatory mechanisms of Th2 cytokine-induced eotaxin-3 production in bronchial epithelial cells: possible role of interleukin 4 receptor and nuclear factor-κB
Neonatal microscopic polyangiitis secondary to transfer of maternal myeloperoxidase-antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody resulting in neonatal pulmonary hemorrhage and renal involvement
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