A Guide to Guidelines for Pulmonary, Sleep, and Critical Care Medicine Clinicians
A Guide to Guidelines for Professional Societies and Other Developers of Recommendations
Identifying Target Audiences: Who Are the Guidelines For?
Priority Setting in Guideline Development
Guideline Group Composition and Group Processes
Guideline Funding and Conflicts of Interest
Deciding What Type of Evidence and Outcomes to Include in Guidelines
Incorporating Considerations of Cost-Effectiveness, Affordability, and Resource Implications in Guideline Development
Synthesis, Grading, and Presentation of Evidence in Guidelines
Integrating Values and Consumer Involvement in Guidelines with the Patient at the Center
Stakeholder Involvement: How to Do It Right
How to Integrate Multiple Comorbidities in Guideline Development
Moving from Evidence to Developing Recommendations in Guidelines
Reporting and Publishing Guidelines
Disseminating and Implementing Guidelines
Adaptation, Evaluation, and Updating of Guidelines