Emeritus Professor Michael James Way MA, DSc, 1922-2011
Tissue culture-induced genomic alteration in maize ( Zea mays ) inbred lines and F1 hybrids
Association mapping of cold-induced sweetening in potato using historical phenotypic data
Multiple gene analyses reveal extensive genetic diversity among ‘ Candidatus Phytoplasma mali’ populations
Suppression of tan spot and plant growth promotion of wheat by synthetic and biological inducers under field conditions
Distribution and genetic diversity of begomoviruses infecting tomato and pepper plants in the Philippines
Cultivar-specific effects of pathogen testing on storage root yield of sweetpotato, Ipomoea batatas
Long-term preservation of a collection of Rhizoctonia solani using cryogenic storage
Wild sunflower diversity in Argentina revealed by ISSR and SSR markers
A new phytoplasma associated with little leaf disease in azalea
A new method to determine the energy saving night temperature for vegetative growth of Phalaenopsis
Molecular characterisation of six badnavirus species associated with leaf streak disease of banana in East Africa
Influence of physical distance between cultivars on yield, outcrossing rate and selective fruit drop in avocado ( Persea americana, Lauraceae)