In the light of new greenhouse technologies: 2. Direct effects of artificial lighting on arthropods and integrated pest management in greenhouse crops
The plant growth-promoting fungus Fusarium equiseti and the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus mosseae stimulate plant growth and reduce severity of anthracnose and damping-off diseases in cucumber ( Cucumis sativus ) seedlings
The groEL gene as an additional marker for finer differentiation of ‘ Candidatus Phytoplasma asteris’-related strains
Differences in powdery mildew epidemics in spring and winter barley based on 30-year variety trials
Molecular typing of Coorg black pepper yellows phytoplasma by multiple gene analyses
Field evaluation of the ‘attract and reward’ biological control approach in vineyards
Positive plant microbial interactions in perennial ryegrass dairy pasture systems
Identification and characterisation of resistance against rust ( Puccinia allii ) in garlic ( Allium sp.) germplasm
Polyphenolic compounds on leaves limit iron availability and affect growth of epiphytic bacteria
Phytoplasma distribution in coconut palms affected by lethal yellowing disease
Effects of crop plants on abundance of Pochonia chlamydosporia and other fungal parasites of root-knot and potato cyst nematodes
Performance of permanent refuge traps for the assessment of slug populations in pastureland
Genetic diversity assessment of bittersweet ( Solanum dulcamara, Solanaceae ) germplasm using conserved DNA-derived polymorphism and intron-targeting markers