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Are we creating relevant behavioral medicine research? Show me the evidence!
Practical behavioral trials to advance evidence-based behavioral medicine
SBM 2006 Proceedings
Fulfilling our assignment to improve the health of all
Shared and unique contributions of anger, anxiety, and depression to coronary heart disease
Frequency of attendance at religious services and leisure-time physical activity in american women and men
Individual, social environmental, and physical environmental influences on physical activity among black and white Adults
A heuristics approach to understanding cancer risk perception
Effects of a CHANGE intervention to increase exercise maintenance following cardiac events
Interpersonal factors predict increased desire for hastened death in late-stage cancer patients
Information-motivation-behavioral skills (IMB) model
Chronic stress influences ambulatory blood pressure in adolescents
Modeling and rehabilitation following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Physical activity and quality of life in older adults
2006 Annual Meeting Supplement