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Practical behavioral trials to advance evidence-based behavioral medicine
SBM 2006 Proceedings
Fulfilling our assignment to improve the health of all : Good Science just isn't enough
Shared and unique contributions of anger, anxiety, and depression to coronary heart disease : A prospective study in the normative aging study
Frequency of attendance at religious services and leisure-time physical activity in american women and men : The third national health and nutrition examination survey
Individual, social environmental, and physical environmental influences on physical activity among black and white Adults : A Structural Equation Analysis
A heuristics approach to understanding cancer risk perception : Contributions from judgment and decision-making research
Effects of a CHANGE intervention to increase exercise maintenance following cardiac events
Interpersonal factors predict increased desire for hastened death in late-stage cancer patients
Information-motivation-behavioral skills (IMB) model : Testing direct and mediated treatment effects on condom use among women in low-income housing
Chronic stress influences ambulatory blood pressure in adolescents
Modeling and rehabilitation following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Physical activity and quality of life in older adults : Influence of health status and self-efficacy
2006 Annual Meeting Supplement