Temporospatial Heterogeneity of Myocardial Perfusion and Blood Volume in the Porcine Heart Wall
Flow-driven Diameter Response in Rat Femoral Arteries Perfused In Vitro
Stress Variations in the Human Aortic Root and Valve
Negative Pressure Transients with Mechanical Heart-Valve Closure
Normal Three-Dimensional Pulmonary Artery Flow Determined by Phase Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging
A Model Study of Intramural Dispersion of Action Potential Duration in the Canine Pulmonary Conus
Electrical Impedance Cardiography Using Artificial Neural Networks
Electroporation and Shock-Induced Transmembrane Potential in a Cardiac Fiber During Defibrillation Strength Shocks
A Novel Interpolation Method for Electric Potential Fields in the Heart during Excitation
Mathematical Modeling of the First Inflation of Degassed Lungs
Solute Washout Experiments for Characterizing Mass Transport in Hollow Fiber Immunoisolation Membranes
1997 Whitaker Distinguished Lecture
Electrical Signal Transmission in a Bone Cell Network
Effect of Fatiguing Exercise on Longitudinal Bone Strain as Related to Stress Fracture in Humans
Fluorescence and Laser Photon Counting
A Micromechanical Model of Lung Tissue Rheology
Quadratic Phase Coupling as a Quantitative Measure for the Developing Hippocampal Formation
Sensitivity Distributions of Impedance Cardiography Using Band and Spot Electrodes Analyzed by a Three-Dimensional Computer Model
Role of Cellular Orientation in Electrical Coupling Between Gastrointestinal Smooth Muscle
Real-Time Measurement of Lysis of Mural Platelet Deposits by Fibrinolytic Agents under Arterial Flow
Prediction of Muscle Recruitment and Its Effect on Joint Reaction Forces during Knee Exercises
Introduction to Bioengineering
Data Book on Mechanical Properties of Living Cells, Tissues and Organs