The Microcirculation Physiome Project
Accounting for the Heterogeneity of Capillary Transit Times in Modeling Multiple Indicator Dilution Data
Influence of Gravity on Cardiac Performance
Computational Analysis of Flow in a Curved Tube Model of the Coronary Arteries
Effects of Radial Wall Motion and Flow Waveform on the Wall Shear Rate Distribution in the Divergent Vascular Graft
Noninvasive Measurement of the Human Brachial Artery Pressure-Area Relation in Collapse and Hypertension
Finite Element Modeling of Three-Dimensional Pulsatile Flow in the Abdominal Aorta
Dynamic Thermography
Endocardial Potential Mapping from a Noncontact Nonexpandable Catheter
Quantitative Characterization of Epicardial Wave Fronts During Regional Ischemia and Elevated Extracellular Potassium Ion Concentration
Simulated Epicardial Potential Maps During Paced Activation Reflect Myocardial Fibrous Structure
Design of a Novel Apparatus to Study Nitric Oxide (NO) Inhibition of Platelet Adhesion
Enhancement of O2 and CO2 Transfer Through Microporous Hollow Fibers by Pressure Cycling
Recording Properties and Biocompatibility of Chronically Implanted Polymer-based Intrafascicular Electrodes
Quantification Analysis for Saccadic Eye Movements
Continuous Wavelet Analysis as an Aid in the Representation and Interpretation of Electrogastrographic Signals
Effect of the Signal Measured from the Glottis on Determination of the Vocal Tract Shape
α4β1 and α5β1 Control Cell Migration on Fibronectin by Differentially Regulating Cell Speed and Motile Cell Phenotype
Controlled Drug Delivery
Simulations in Biomedicine IV