A Functional Comparison of Animal Anterior Cruciate Ligament Models to the Human Anterior Cruciate Ligament
In Vivo Kinematics of the Rabbit Knee in Unstable Models of Osteoarthrosis
Axial Vibration of Threaded External Fixation Pins
Muscle–Tendon Model with Length History-Dependent Activation–Velocity Coupling
Mechanical Characterization of an In Vitro Device Designed to Quantitatively Injure Living Brain Tissue
Geometrical Risk Factors for Atherosclerosis in the Femoral Artery
Bioresorbable Microporous Stents Deliver Recombinant Adenovirus Gene Transfer Vectors to the Arterial Wall
Assessment of Strain Field in Endothelial Cells Subjected to Uniaxial Deformation of Their Substrate
Optical and Radioisotope Indicator Dilution Measurements in Pulmonary Edema
In Vivo Measurement of Real-Time Aortic Segmental Volume Using the Conductance Catheter
An Engineering Model of Dynamic Cardiomyoplasty. I.
An Engineering Model of Dynamic Cardiomyoplasty. II. Clinical Applications
Real Time Signal Processing in the Clinical Setting
Intrinsic Oscillations and Discharge Regularity of Units in the Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus (DCN) of the Barbiturate Anesthetized Gerbil
Sensitivity Analysis of Kernel Estimates
A Novel Method for Efficient Drug Delivery
Bioengineering Approaches to Pulmonary Physiology and Medicine
Advances in Processing and Pattern Analysis of Biological Signals