Mechanical Contribution of Endocardium During Finite Extension and Torsion Experiments on Papillary Muscles
Changes in Passive But Not Active Mechanical Properties Predict Recovery of Function of Stunned Myocardium
Conductance Method for the Measurement of Cross-Sectional Areas of the Aorta
Finite Element Model Determination of Correction Factors Used for Measurement of Aortic Diameter via Conductance
Computationally Efficient Model for Simulating Electrical Activity in Cardiac Tissue with Fiber Rotation
Bispectral Energies within Electrocardiograms During Ventricular Fibrillation are Correlated with Defibrillation Shock Outcome
Practical Real-Time Computing System for Biomedical Experiment Interface
New Method to Obtain Ultrasonic Angle Independent Doppler Color Images Using a Sector Transducer
Quantitative Assessment of Steady and Pulsatile Flow Fields in a Parallel Plate Flow Chamber
A Priori Identifiability of Distributed Models of Blood-Tissue Exchange
Single Cell Model for Simultaneous Drug Delivery and Efflux
Kinetic Model for Integrin-mediated Adhesion Release During Cell Migration
Effect of Cell-Cell Interactions on the Observable Strength of Adhesion of Sheets of Cells
Estimation of Tendon Moment Arms from Three-Dimensional Magnetic Resonance Images
Hemodynamic Effect of Cerebral Vasospasm in Humans
Variational Approaches Toward Nonlinear Time-Series Analysis
Modularity of Orthopedic Implants (STP 1301)
Methods in Biotechnology, Vol. 7