Selective Microstimulation of Central Nervous System Neurons
Integrin-Dependent Human Macrophage Migration Induced by Oscillatory Electrical Stimulation
Influence of the Electric Axis of Stimulation on the Induced Transmembrane Potentials in Ellipsoidal Bidomain Heart
Advection and Diffusion of Substances in Biological Tissues With Complex Vascular Networks
Theoretical Evaluation of Contributions of Heat Conduction and Countercurrent Heat Exchange in Selective Brain Cooling in Humans
Mathematical Modeling of the Human Body During Water Replacement and Dehydration
True Arterial System Compliance Estimated From Apparent Arterial Compliance
The Effect of Celiac and Renal Artery Outflows on Near-Wall Velocities in the Porcine Iliac Arteries
A Micromechanical Model of Airway-Parenchymal Interdependence
Finite Element Simulation of Location- and Time-Dependent Mechanical Behavior of Chondrocytes in Unconfined Compression Tests
Facilitated Diffusion and Membrane Permeation of Fatty Acid in Albumin Solutions
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