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Quasiperiodic Circus Movement in a Loop Model of Cardiac Tissue
Effects of Material Properties and Geometry on Electrocardiographic Forward Simulations
The Role of the Crista Terminalis in Atrial Flutter and Fibrillation
Origins of Spiral Wave Meander and Breakup in a Two-Dimensional Cardiac Tissue Model
Increasing the Computational Efficiency of a Bidomain Model of Defibrillation Using a Time-Dependent Activating Function
Three-Dimensional Stress and Strain in Passive Rabbit Left Ventricle
Generation of an Anatomically Based Three-Dimensional Model of the Conducting Airways
Automatic Classification of Protein Sequences into Structure/Function Groups via Parallel Cascade Identification
Bayesian Identification of a Population Compartmental Model of C-Peptide Kinetics
Shear Stress Differentially Regulates PGHS-1 and PGHS-2 Protein Levels in Human Endothelial Cells