Retinal Vascular Permeability Determined by Dual-Tracer Fluorescence Angiography
Electrical Impedance of Cultured Endothelium Under Fluid Flow
Bileaflet Aortic Valve Prosthesis Pivot Geometry Influences Platelet Secretion and Anionic Phospholipid Exposure
Numerical Simulation of Mechanical Mitral Heart Valve Closure
A Mathematical Model for Chemoattractant Gradient Sensing Based on Receptor-Regulated Membrane Phospholipid Signaling Dynamics
Insulin Secretion Rate During Glucose Stimuli
New Method to Calculate the N2 Evolution from Mixed Venous Blood During the N2 Washout
Separable Least Squares Identification of Nonlinear Hammerstein Models
A Broadband Viscoelastic Spectroscopic Study of Bovine Bone
Handbook of Medical Imaging