Noninvasive Electrical Imaging of the Heart : Theory and Model Development
Computational Framework for Generating Transport Models from Databases of Microvascular Anatomy
Importance of Accurate Geometry in the Study of the Total Cavopulmonary Connection : Computational Simulations and In Vitro Experiments
Phase Shifting Prior to Spatial Filtering Enhances Optical Recordings of Cardiac Action Potential Propagation
Extracellular Measurement of Anisotropic Bidomain Myocardial Conductivities. I. Theoretical Analysis
Extraction and Analysis of Early Ictal Activity in Subdural Electroencephalogram
Type III Units in the Gerbil Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus May Be Spectral Notch Detectors
Real-Time Linux Dynamic Clamp : A Fast and Flexible Way to Construct Virtual Ion Channels in Living Cells
Nonlinear Ligament Viscoelasticity
Natural Frequency Analysis of Periodontal Conditions in Human Anterior Teeth
Biophysics, 5th Edition