Biological Basis of Hearing-Aid Design
Measuring the Electrical Stapedius Reflex with Stapedius Muscle Electromyogram Recordings
Intelligent Multichannel Stimulator for the Study of Cardiac Arrhythmias
A Stochastic Nonlinear Autoregressive Algorithm Reflects Nonlinear Dynamics of Heart-Rate Fluctuations
Mechanistic Model of Myocardial Energy Metabolism Under Normal and Ischemic Conditions
Prestress Due to Dimensional Changes Caused by Demineralization
Vibratory Coherence as an Alternative to Radiography in Assessing Bone Healing After Osteodistraction
Mathematical Model of Diffusion-Limited Gas Bubble Dynamics in Unstirred Tissue with Finite Volume
Numerical Simulation of the Influence of Gravity and Posture on Cardiac Performance
Algorithm for Vector Autoregressive Model Parameter Estimation Using an Orthogonalization Procedure
Modeling of Nonlinear Physiological Systems with Fast and Slow Dynamics. I. Methodology
Bioimpedance and Bioelectricity Basics