World Technology Panel Report on Tissue Engineering
Fiber Alignment Imaging During Mechanical Testing of Soft Tissues
Effects of Swelling Pressure and Hydraulic Permeability on Dynamic Compressive Behavior of Lumbar Annulus Fibrosus
A Device for Imposing Cyclic Strain to Cells Growing on Implant Alloys
The Effect of Pulsed Ultrasound on Mandibular Distraction
Inhibition of Shear-Stress-Induced Platelet Aggregation and Phosphotyrosine Signaling by GPIIb–IIIa Antagonists
Experimental Studies of Membrane Tethers Formed from Human Neutrophils
Surface Strains in the Anterior Leaflet of the Functioning Mitral Valve
Length-Normalized Pulse Photoplethysmography
Torso Coupling Techniques for the Forward Problem of Electrocardiography
A Three-Dimensional Numerical Fluid Dynamic Model of Antigen–Antibody Surface Adsorption on Piezoelectric Immunosensors