Regenerative Versus Reparative Healing in Tendon
Influence of Anthropometric and Mechanical Variations on Functional Instability in the ACL-Deficient Knee
Effects of Hydration and Fixed Charge Density on Fluid Transport in Charged Hydrated Soft Tissues
Effects of a Saddle Shaped Annulus on Mitral Valve Function and Chordal Force Distribution
Effect of Stenosis Asymmetry on Blood Flow and Artery Compression
Numerical Simulation of the Flow-Induced Deformation of Red Blood Cells
Cardiac Near-Field Morphology During Conduction Around a Microscopic Obstacle—A Computer Simulation Study
Ion Channel Basis for Alternans and Memory in Cardiac Myocytes
Wall Shear Stress Modulation of ATP/ADP Concentration at the Endothelium
Modeling Modulation of Intracranial Pressure by Variation of Cerebral Venous Resistance Induced by Ventilation
Simultaneous Measurement of Interstitial Fluid Pressure and Load in Rat Skin After Strain Application In Vitro
Biofluid Aspects of Embryo Transfer
Partitioning of Cortical and Deep Cytoskeleton Responses from Transient Magnetic Bead Twisting
Contact Deformation of Liposome in the Presence of Osmosis
Incremental Mechanics of Collagen Gels
MRI—From Picture to Proton