In Vitro Studies of Erythrocyte-Vascular Endothelium Interactions
Protofilament and Hexagon
Mechanical Asymmetry in the Embryonic Chick Heart During Looping
Effects of Periodic Body Acceleration on the In Vivo Vasoactive Response to N- w -nitro-L-arginine and the In Vitro Nitric Oxide Production
A Device for Long Term, In Vitro Loading of Three-Dimensional Natural and Engineered Tissues
Compression Induced Cell Damage in Engineered Muscle Tissue
Age-Related Changes of Noncalcified Collagen in Human Cortical Bone
Measuring Forces in Liver Cutting
Rational Design of Contact Guiding, Neurotrophic Matrices for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
Modeling Soluble Gas Exchange in the Airways and Alveoli
Estimation of Delay Times in Biological Systems
Tissue-Biomaterial Interactions
New Biology for Engineers and Computer Scientists
Introduction to Biomedical Imaging