Design and Hydrodynamic Evaluation of a Novel Pulsatile Bioreactor for Biologically Active Heart Valves
Miniature C-Shaped Transducers for Chordae Tendineae Force Measurements
Flow-Induced Platelet Activation in Bileaflet and Monoleaflet Mechanical Heart Valves
Noninvasive Measurement of Steady and Pulsating Velocity Profiles and Shear Rates in Arteries Using Echo PIV
Influence of Progressive Central Hypovolemia on Hölder Exponent Distributions of Cardiac Interbeat Intervals
Age and Sex Dependent Variations in the Normal Magnetocardiogram Compared with Changes Associated with Ischemia
Three-Dimensional, Quantitative Analysis of Desmin and Smooth Muscle Alpha Actin Expression During Angiogenesis
Quantitative Dynamics of in Vivo Bone Marrow Neutrophil Production and Egress in Response to Injury and Infection
Oriented Schwann Cell Monolayers for Directed Neurite Outgrowth
Effects of Droplet Velocity, Diameter, and Film Height on Heat Removal During Cryogen Spray Cooling
An Improved Morris Water Maze Tracking Algorithm for Psychophysical Studies
Dynamics, Stability, and Control of Stepping
Mechanical Stimulation Toward Tissue Engineering of the Knee Meniscus
The Science and Ethics of Engineering the Human Germ Line