Design Characteristics for the Tissue Engineering of Cartilaginous Tissues
Mechanical Modulation of Cartilage Structure and Function During Embryogenesis in the Chick
Scaffolds for Articular Cartilage Repair
A Paradigm for Functional Tissue Engineering of Articular Cartilage via Applied Physiologic Deformational Loading
Chondrogenic Differentiation of Adult Dermal Fibroblasts
Repair of Extensive Articular Cartilage Defects in Horses by Autologous Chondrocyte Transplantation
Intervertebral Disc Mechanics Are Restored Following Cyclic Loading and Unloaded Recovery
Evolution of Vertebroplasty
A Nonlinear Hyperelastic Mixture Theory Model for Anisotropy, Transport, and Swelling of Annulus Fibrosus
The Role of F-Actin in Hypo-Osmotically Induced Cell Volume Change and Calcium Signaling in Anulus Fibrosus Cells
Bone Tissue Engineering Using Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
The Toughness of Cortical Bone and Its Relationship with Age
Genetic Modification of Stem Cells to Enhance Bone Repair
Engineering Structurally Organized Cartilage and Bone Tissues
Bone Marrow Stromal Cells (BMSCs) in Bone Engineering
The Principle of Margin Convergence in Rotator Cuff Repair as a Means of Strain Reduction at the Tear Margin
Bioabsorbable Implants
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