Quantitation and Kinetics of CD51 Surface Receptor Expression
A Reaction-Diffusion Model of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Interactions with Cell Surface Receptors
Peroxynitrite Exposure of Cells Cocultured with Macrophages
Non-Episode-Dependent Assessment of Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation Through Measurement of RR Interval Dynamics and Atrial Premature Contractions
Contour Definition and Tracking in Cardiac Imaging Through the Integration of Knowledge and Image Evidence
Effect of Boundary Absorption in Dispersion in Casson Fluid Flow in a Tube
Cell Orientation Influences the Biaxial Mechanical Properties of Fibroblast Populated Collagen Vessels
Stochastic and Coherence Resonance in an In Silico Neural Model
Tension and Stress Calculations in a 3-D Fourier Model of Gall Bladder Geometry Obtained from MR Images
Model Predictions of the Recruitment of Lung Units and the Lung Surface Area–Volume Relationship During Inflation
An Optimization Algorithm for Human Joint Angle Time-History Generation Using External Force Data
Giant Molecules