Comparison of CFD and MRI Flow and Velocities in an In Vitro Large Artery Bypass Graft Model
Numerical Simulation of Magnetic Resonance Angiographies of an Anatomically Realistic Stenotic Carotid Bifurcation
Physics-Driven CFD Modeling of Complex Anatomical Cardiovascular Flows—A TCPC Case Study
Human Saphenous Vein Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Morphology, Geometry and Hemodynamics
On Reducing Abnormal Hemodynamics in the Femoral End-to-Side Anastomosis
Optical Transillumination Tomography for Imaging of Tissue-Engineered Blood Vessels
Non-Uniform Flow Behavior in a Parallel Plate Flow Chamber Alters Endothelial Cell Responses
Controlling Cell Responses to Cyclic Mechanical Stretching
Estimating in Vitro Mitochondrial Oxygen Consumption During Muscle Contraction and Recovery
Driving Gastric Electrical Activity with Electrical Stimulation
Asymmetric and Axisymmetric Constant Curvature Liquid-Gas Interfaces in Pulmonary Airways
Substrate Curvature Influences the Direction of Nerve Outgrowth
Evaluation of Three Growth Factors for TMJ Disc Tissue Engineering
Human Lumbar Spine Creep during Cyclic and Static Flexion
Derivation of Centers and Axes of Rotation for Wrist and Fingers in a Hand Kinematic Model
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